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Teaching Students

Our students learn about a variety of behaviors that might make them feel sad or uncomfortable.


Conflict occurs when 2 or more want different things and are inflexible about those desires. Power is equal. Angry words, name-calling and physical aggression can occur from either or both parties, even among the best of friends and can usually be resolved with compromise after the heat of the moment passes.

Mean Moments

Mean moments occur when one is unkind to another. This is not on-going and both still have power in the relationship. Regret for their actions or words are evident. Depending on the social/emotional maturity level, this can often be resolved with simple apologies.


Bullying occurs when one or more behave in a way that takes the power from the victim. This is one-sided and is not resolved with compromise or simple apology. In fact, the perpetrator does not even acknowledge a problem. Bullying can take many forms with the goal of intimidating, humiliating or isolating the victim and it is recurring.

Our Response to Bullying

If bullying occurs, the staff takes a tiered approach to stop it. Our school counselor will support students with instruction so that students understand the behavior and its impact. Our teachers will take actions in the classroom so that there is not an opportunity for the behavior to continue. Our administrators will take disciplinary action, if warranted.

The first step in stopping unwanted behavior is making adults aware of the problem. If your child is experiencing any of these behaviors, encourage them to speak with their classroom teacher or our school counselor.