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IB Primary Years Programme

Academics and attitudes develop differently for children engaged in the IB Primary Years Programme. Studies build on expected elementary learning, then expand to offer unique, relevant and long-lasting international perspectives. Skills and knowledge are acquired alongside positive attitudes.

Unique to Ranch Creek

A dynamic Spanish immersion program is one of Ranch Creek’s appeal. After Kindergarten, students may opt into advanced language learning in a classroom where work and activities are done in Spanish. Children acquire knowledge, understanding and appreciation of other world cultures and people. 

Autism Spectrum Program

Ranch Creek  provides Communication and Social Delay programming for students on the autism spectrum who are academically high-functioning. After evaluation and placement by Academy District 20 staff, children gain dedicated education to serve their distinctive needs. 

Encouraging, Challenging & Supportive

Caring takes many forms at Ranch Creek. Students, staff and parents support each other in true family form. Compassionate staff cheer on children to use their voice, ask questions and be curious. Differences are known and celebrated, creating relationships that make Ranch Creek a place you'll want to stay.