​In the Lunch Room

Before Lunch:


• We line-up and walk into the room quietly
• We keep our coats and other outdoor clothing with us at the table, not in the classroom lunch crate
• We wait for our food in an orderly line
• We keep the playground equipment in the classroom lunch crate

During Lunch:


• We sit at the table, facing the table, with our bottom on the bench and our feet under the table
• We use quiet voices and  good table manners
• If we have foods with allergens, we do not sit at the Allergy-Free table
• We stay seated once we have our food
• We raise our hands for permission to get up or get help from an adult
• We raise our hand if we accidentally spill something and get help from an adult
• We eat our own food and we do not share
• We keep our hands and feet to ourselves
• We respect others’ property

After lunch:


• We clean our hands and face
• We clean our trash off of the top and from under the table when we are dismissed
• We are responsible for placing our lunch bags in the classroom crate and for ensuring that the crate is taken to the classroom
• We wait quietly to be dismissed
• We walk to line-up when we are dismissed by the lunchroom monitor