​School Attendance


  • Success in school depends on school attendance. State law requires that children attend school and be on time!
    • For Attendance Accountability with Academy District 20 and the State of Colorado, we mark absences Excused or Unexcused.  The following “reasons” are some examples of how your child’s attendance will be marked:
      • Excused Absences
        • Medical/Dental Appointments
        • Temporary Illness/Injury (Extended illnesses/injuries will require a doctor’s note for excusal)
        • Emergencies
        • Funeral
        • Family Wedding
        • Religious Events
      • Unexcused Absences
        • Vacation
        • Trips
        • Cruises
        • Early/late departures for extended weekends/school vacations
        • Camping, hunting, ski, etc. trips
        • Out of town visitors
        • Tardies and early dismissals for an unexcused reason will count towards the total unexcused time
    • Please note that if you leave a voice mail or email message with the Front Office regarding an absence, please be specific with the reason for the absence, or a follow up phone call or email will be made, so that our attendance records can be accurate