​School-Wide Rules


As internationally minded citizens, the Ranch Creek Elementary School community demonstrates the traits of the IB Learner Profile and IB attitudes.  Therefore, our practices include, but are not limited to, the following:



We demonstrate a commitment to learning by:

  • Being on time
  • Having materials ready
  • Taking responsibility for completing homework on time
  • Leaving toys and other inappropriate items at home
  • Keeping personal devices in our backpacks and on silent mode during school hours
  • Wearing clothing that is appropriate for school
  • Following the expectations given to us in our classrooms, in the hallway, in the cafeteria, on the playground, during assemblies, in the library, in the bathrooms, and on the bus
  • Demonstrating the character traits as defined by the State of Colorado and Academy School District Twenty


We accept responsibility for our own actions and we demonstrate Respect for:   

  • Others
    • We keep our hands, feet, and other objects to ourselves
    • We use appropriate language
    • Our communication is honest and free of gossip, rumors, and intolerance
    • We do not bring any type of weapon to school
  • Property
    • We demonstrate integrity by respecting the personal property of others
    • We use equipment and facilities for their intended purpose
  • Ourselves
    • We recognize we can learn from our mistakes
    • We conduct ourselves in a way that we can be proud