All play follows school expectations:


We use the equipment appropriately and we do not jump off or play on the outside of any of the equipment

    • We only have one person on a swing at a time
    • We sit in the swings
    • We step out of swings, we do not jump out
    • When someone is waiting for a swing, we count 20 swings. When we reach 20, time is up and it is the next person’s turn
  • Slides:
    • We use the stairs to get to the slides
    • We slide down the slides one person at a time
    • We always slide down feet first on our bottom
    • We do not run up or down the slides
    • We do not play tag on the slides
  • Bars:
    • We hang on bars by our hands, not our feet
    • We do not walk or stand on top of the bars
  • Climbing wall:
    • We climb up and down the climbing wall
    • We do not sit on top of the wall
    • We do not slide down the wall
  • Playground structure:
    • We do not climb on the outside or on top of the playground equipment
  • We keep dirt, rocks, wood chips and snow on the ground
  • We do not push or tackle in any activity
  • We do not play on the stairway banisters
  • We do not play in the rocks
  • We do not slide on the hill when it is dry or when it covered with snow or ice
  • We stay on the playground in sight of an adult
    • For lunch recess the boundaries are:
      • Kindergarten- woodchip area
      • First grade- fifth grade - Second staircase, berm by homes, walking path to neighborhood, and sidewalk by bus turn around
  • The following items are the only things permitted on the playground:
    • Frisbees, jump ropes, footballs, playground balls, soccer balls and basketballs
      • Toys, electronics, collectibles, arts & crafts,  playing/trading cards, etc. are not allowed
  • When the whistle blows we look to the adults on duty for direction and respond immediately
  • We dress for the weather
  • If we need to use the bathroom, we will ask for a pass from the playground monitor during lunch recess or from our teachers during class recess