School-Wide Positive Behavior Support – Teaching and Learning Good Behavior


Our school wide positive behavior support plan is based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme Learner Profile and Attitudes:

IB Primary Years Programme Learner Profile:  As students and adults, we work to become learners who are:



and we work to become community members who demonstrate and develop these IB Attitudes:


Appreciation​Commitment ​Confidence

When students have difficulty applying these attributes, they are asked to move to an alternate spot in order to “recover” or regain their focus; students may also move by their own choice, exercising good self-awareness.  Some alternative spots are the Recovery Mat, Safe Seat, Buddy Room, and the Office.

Safe Seat or Recovery Mat: Many classrooms in our building use a Recovery Mat or Safe Seat. This is a place that students may move to or may be asked to move to regain their focus. Students may choose to continue to work and listen to the discussions in the classroom while sitting there. The teacher decides when the student is ready to rejoin the group, and processes the issue with the student quietly before the student returns.  Please keep in mind that going to the Recovery Mat or Safe Seat is proactive and not a punitive action.

Buddy Room: If a student cannot refocus in the classroom, he or she may be asked to recover or refocus in a Buddy Room, which is a designated nearby classroom. The student may take a Think Sheet to the Buddy Room, to help with reflection. This is once again an attempt to help the student refocus.  The Buddy Room is a proactive step and not a punitive action.

Office visit: If a student cannot regain focus in the Buddy Room, he or she will spend some time in the office for help with refocusing.  The aim is for the student to return to learning in the classroom as quickly and successfully as possible, and the administrative staff assists with this as needed. 

Many of our staff members are trained in and utilize the supportive strategies of Love and Logic.