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IB Primary Years Programme

Academics and attitudes develop differently for children engaged in the IB Primary Years Programme. Studies build on expected elementary learning, then expand to offer unique, relevant and long-lasting international perspectives. Skills and knowledge are acquired alongside positive attitudes.

IB Areas of Focus

The Primary Years Programme spans and connects subjects with inquiry-based, student-centered education. Students learn to take ownership of their learning, including language, social studies, math, arts, science and personal, social and physical education. Specials in PE, art, music and Spanish are also offered.

Unique Understanding

It’s one thing to recite or recall, but at Ranch Creek, students gain a deep understanding of concepts. Across all learning, they are challenged to think who we are, where we are in place and time, how we express ourselves, how the world works, how we organize ourselves and the value of sharing the planet.

Spanish Instruction

One of Ranch Creek’s greatest draws is our Spanish immersion program. Spanish is offered to all students, and the immersion program is by choice. After confidence is built in English abilities (typically post kindergarten), students work in a learning space where Spanish is spoken and global connections are made.

Learning for All

Ranch Creek staff provides an equal and genuine level of care so every child has the resources to succeed. Students receive the instruction they through Talented and Gifted, Multi-Tiered System of Supports, Communication Social Delay and other approaches integrated throughout the school day.

Educational Epicenter

The Ranch Creek library is the heart of the school and home to one of the largest book collections at elementary campuses. Children read, create and recognize the power of narratives through reading programs and other activities. Currently, students are helping guide a library refresh that will include story spaces, learning labs and other features.