Serving a Variety of Learners
Ranch Creek Elementary School
Serving a Variety of Learners
Our school serves children with a very wide variety of learning styles and needs.  We have carefully designed programming, well-qualified specialists, and research-based methods to serve all of our students, including those who fit these descriptors:
·         Talented and Gifted (TAG) students
·         High achievers who need enrichment
The unique learning and social needs of these students are met by their classroom teachers and the Talented and Gifted (TAG) teaching staff.  For more information, contact our TAG Coordinator, Diane Jensen or see the District 20 website
·         Students who struggle with reading, math, or writing
·         Students who struggle with positive student behaviors and/or social skills
Students who struggle are often served by the Response to Intervention team and its processes for tracking progress and teaming with parents.  For more information, contact your child’s classroom teacher or our Assistant Principal, Tricia Clough
·         Students on the autism spectrum
·         Special Education students with IEPs for any disability
Our Special Education program is led by a team of teachers and specialists, including a resource teacher, communication/social delays (CSD) program teacher, speech/language pathologist, school psychologist, school social worker, occupation therapist, and nurse, as well as nearly twenty paraprofessionals who work under the direct supervision of these professionals. 
Some of our students on the autism spectrum are part of a District 20 program for students with Communication and Social Delays (CSD.)  A specific teacher is the case manager for these students.  Students are placed in this program by District 20, and Ranch Creek may not be their home school.  Special support is provided for academic success, social skills, communication skills, and positive school behaviors.