​Welcome to Spanish Immersion! My name is Rosemary Korsos and I will be your child's teacher this academic year. If at any time you have any questions, please contact me through email. Rosemary.korsos@asd20.org.


 Stay In The Know

  • Please read the weekly Class News that will arrive on Thursday or Friday through Seesaw.
  • Check your child's Friday Folder every week.
  • Directions to register for your parent Seesaw account will be sent home as soon as Seesaw is activated for this school year.  

 Reading Homework Instructions

Please read for 20 minutes every day with your child. This can consist of your child reading to you, a pet, or another family member and also your child listening to you read for a portion of the time. Your child should read to you in English and in Spanish. 

In addition to reading nightly, please practice Sight Words. These were handed out at Back to School Night. They may also be downloaded by clicking the Documents link on the left.
 In order to be successful during Sight Word testing, your child should be able to read the word in Spanish and tell me the meaning of the word in English. Once your child is able to do this for an entire list, please send the list into school with them after signing it. I will test them in class within 3-4 days. If your child is successful, I will attach a pink sheet and return the list home instructing you to move on to the next list. If your child needs additional practice, I will attach a yellow sheet with feedback. Your student should complete 2 to 3 lists per quarter in order to be progressing on grade level.

Check your Class News weekly to find out what we will be focusing on for the week! Each week we will be learning a new consonant letter sound and pairing it with vowels to make syllables and words. 


​At the beginning of every math chapter you will recieve a packet of pages from our workbooks that say "homework" at the top. These pages will cover the entire content of the chapter and the skills we will be learning. Working ahead with your child on the problems, really helps boost their confidence when applying and demonstrating their learning in the classroom.These packets are for you to use to reinforce what is being learned in the classroom at home. You do not need to return them. 

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