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The digital backpack is where you can find documents that we put in our Friday Folders,

our hard-copy communication that goes home to parents.

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 Notes from the Ranch

Hello Mustang Families,
I hope that this week of Spring Break allowed you some relaxation and fun with your children. Our teachers and staff are preparing to begin e-learning next week and are looking forward to hearing from the children! I am sure there are some questions and concerns regarding what school is going to look like for the students over the upcoming weeks. Below you will find information from the district that will hopefully answer those questions. Just know that we miss you! We want to stay connected! We want to support you! Please never hesitate to reach out if you need something.
District  Guidelines and Expectations for E-learning-
To set everyone up for success, Academy District 20 (ASD20) has provided guidance around minimum expectations, across the district, to provide consistency for teachers and students. Please know as we navigate these waters, we need to have flexibility with each other as this is big learning for all of us.
Spring Break is March 23-27, for students and staff and no new assignments should be given. E-Learning will resume for students on Tuesday, March 31, 2020. As a support for teachers, we have designated the following three Mondays as Teacher Collaboration/Planning Days: March 30, April 6 and April 13. Principals can establish what this looks like for their teachers to collaborate and work together remotely. In addition, the Learning Services and Digital Integration Services Teams will be available to support teachers and teams.
Below are the minimum requirements for teachers and students for Tuesday-Friday each week. Buildings may also establish additional expectations that make sense for their teachers, students and parents/families.
Teachers will:
• Provide a learning activity every day by 8 a.m. (Tuesday-Friday) for reading, writing, math, science and/or social studies.
• Provide one learning activity weekly for each specials/exploratories (music, art, PE, etc.)
• Be available between 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. for parent contact and respond to questions within 24 hours.
• Clearly communicate how students can get in touch with them.
• Provide feedback on student work consistently and in a timely manner.
• Grade student work.
• Check in individually with students to help them keep connected and feel supported during this time.
Students will:
• Complete daily learning activities provided in reading, writing, math, science and/or social studies.
• Complete weekly learning activities provided by special/exploratories (music, art, PE, etc.).
• Submit work according to due dates.
• Reach out if you need support.
At Ranch Creek, it will be our goal to provide a weekly plan for the students by 8:00am on Tuesdays. We want to be mindful of the amount of communication you are receiving so that it does not become overwhelming. It is our hope that by providing all weekly activities and assignments at the beginning of the week that it will help you plan out the week of learning with your children, and it will allow for some flexibility, as well. Teachers are still available every day for support, so if you have questions or concerns, just reach out.
Virtual Spirit Week-
We know that the students are probably missing school, their friends, and feeling connected to their community. Next week, we will be doing a virtual spirit week to help students feel like a student and be part of our school community. Share your pictures on our Instagram page (rcemustangs) or on the PTA Facebook page. We cannot wait to see our little Mustangs participating!

  • Tuesday, March 31st- Comfy Sweats or PJs Day
  • Wednesday, April 1st- Wacky Day: Mismatch your clothes or wear your wackiest outfits
  • Thursday, April 2nd- Super Hero Day: Honor those who are helping others
  • Friday, April 3rd- Mustang Day: Wear your Black and Gold

Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser-
Even with all that is currently happening, Texas Roadhouse is still willing to hold our fundraiser for carry out orders. If you have the ability to support them, I would greatly appreciate it. They have done so much for our school this year and often donate to us. I have attached a flier that must be presented when you pick up your food.

Karie Ebbens
Ranch Creek Elementary
an Academy District 20 School